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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Surfing the RKBA Blogs

I'm moving this to the top one last time, for the Carnival of Cordite at Resistance is Futile! Afterwards. you can access it by clicking the cute lil submachinegunner on the sidebar.

I've written an article for my match league's newsletter about Second Amendment blogs and will share with you here a list of the ones I know about. If you have a 2A blog, leave me a link in comments and include a description...otherwise I'll have to write one myself. I've already started with some that probably don't read me. Kim du Toit is a busy man.

On-line journals (or blogs, short for "web logs") written by amateur journalists burst onto the scene last year as an alternative to the mainstream media (MSM). It was bloggers and blog commenters who uncovered the "Rathergate" forgery scandal and needled the MSM to cover it. They exposed the legacy media's bias against conservatives. One subset of bloggers dedicate themselves to the right to keep and bear arms (RKBA). Some Gunblogs are political, exposing the media bias against gun ownership and self-defense, while some are technical, informative platforms that cover the shooting sports or just guns themselves. Hybrid blogs cover more than one idiom and include shooting/guns/RKBA as just one of several things the authors are passionate about. I did not include nonblog RKBA websites, but you'll certainly find links to them by visiting several of the blogs below.

Non-Canonical Guide to RKBA Blogs (Listed by approximate link popularity at original posting time)

Instapundit - Glenn Reynolds is heavy on links and commentary (and light on content), but he makes no secret of his RKBA leanings. A comment from him will usually peg your blog visits to new heights.

IMAO is a right-wing humor blog. To market his "Nuke the Moon" T-Shirts, Frank J. will post your picture wearing the shirt, holding your Peace Weapon(s) in his Peace Gallery. He just taught his fiancee how to shoot.

Castle Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys is really a Milblog (military subjects galore), but the author is a voracious collector of firearms and gear and hosts pictures of his arsenal.

A Nation of Riflemen - Kim du Toit is the most widely read RKBA blogger. This South African immigrant settled in Texas and enjoys sharing tales of gun converts, "righteous shootings" in self-defense, and gun pics to drool over.

Alphecca is a right-of-center hybrid blog which hosts a weekly roundup of anti-gun bias in the media on his blog and Live on Cam Edwards' NRA News Radio every Tuesday. It's available streaming on or Sirius Satellite Radio.

TFS Magnum - "Zendo Deb" is a right-of-center Libertarian who writes about RKBA issues, various shooting sports, politics, and sailing.

Say Uncle - RKBA/guns, politics, and property rights

The Smallest Minority - Kevin Baker is a cerebral Tucson gunblogger who writes a mean Fisk. Has an offer to Tucson residents and visitors newly interested in shooting to finance and supply a range outing himself.

Jack Lewis - Conservative hybrid blog.

Eric's Gumbles Before the Grave was Eric's Random Musings - "Random stuff as it pours from my brain. Married white male, former tank crewman, Desert Storm veteran, information security manager, sci-fi fan, Linux fan, Liberal (if you think that means Democrat or Left wing you are in for a surprise, but read on)."

AlphaPatriot - Tennesseean AlphaPatriot "is a Memphis-based aspiring activist that is part Republican, a little Libertarian, a smidgen Liberal..." and proponent of many RKBA organizations.

Resistance is Futile! - "Assorted ramblings about the political, economic, cultural, and bizarre news of the world, from the conservative viewpoint..." Originator and first host of the Carnival of Cordite.

Xrlq - Conservative lawyer's hybrid blog. Lots of everything.

The Spoons Experience - Right-wing lawyer's hybrid blog; "Second Amendment absolutist." Ed. note: Attorneys staff two of the most influentual conservative blogs in the "blogsphere," Powerline and Captains Quarters.

Publicola - Pure RKBA blog, lotsa links to other articles, no pics.

Les Jones - Politics, guns, lots else.

Countertop Chronicles - Virginia/DC-area Gunblogger

Musings of a Geek with a .45 - RKBA enthusiast who escaped the Peoples Republic of New Jersey. Also writes about politics and current events.

Hell in a Handbasket - James Rummel is a firearms instructor who features guns in the media, politics, and whatever else strikes his fancy.

mASSBACKWARDS - "Opinion and commentary, garnished with a sprig of cynicism and served with a heaping side order of sarcasm, from a recovering Democrat turned Independent-conservative-libertarian..." writes about self defense in a place they don't allow it. No, not England...Massachusetts!

Random Nuclear Strikes - Right-wing blogger with weekend Gun Posts.

No Quarters - "Gunner" and Elizabeth cover RKBA issues and whatever else is interesting.

Murdoc Online - Murdoc is a Milblogger who features politics and weapons systems in the media.

Airborne Combat Engineer is not rated by link, but he is Murdoc's fraternal twin (including the "A-Team" motif at his blog). Has a thing for massive revolvers (BFRs).

FreedomSight - RKBA and politics.

Flight Pundit - Marine, pilot, and soon-to-be Colorado CCW holder's hybrid blog.

Cowboy Blob's Saloon, Humidor, and Shootin Parlor - The author's blog features guns, military stuff, weak attempts at humor, and ferrets!

Sandcastles and Cubicles - Right-wing Memphis TN blog, heavy on the gun stuff.

Mad Ogre - Ogre writes and photographs for Concealed Carry Magazine. Besides guns, he features computer issues, and whatever else is going on in his life.

Gunwatch - John Ray, an Australian, documents RKBA issues in the media worldwide.

Head's Bunker "A gun-wielding right winger, pontificating from deep beneath the Texas coastal gumbo in the mosquito-infested Holy City of Houston. General Sam would be proud." Great photographs of his collection...lots of AKs and SKSs.

Heartless Libertarian - RKBA issues and gun collection photography.

Reasonablenut - RKBA and blogging. Putting his rifle together for Boomershoot.

The Ten Ring - RKBA and the joys of gun ownership.

The Sheepdog Blog - Conservative/Libertarian and "hardcore Second Amendment constitutionalist.

AnarchAngel - Arizonan Chris Byrne writes a libertarian hybrid blog.

Critical Mastiff - Conservative hybrid blog.

Matthew Maynard - Hey! Another Tucson blogger! A hybrid blogger, astronomy buff...hey, you can do that in the clear skies here.

The View from North Central Idaho - Joe Huffman is the organizer of Boomershoot 2005, a high-powered rifle event that uses reactive (explosive) targets.

Shooters Carnival is a shared resource contributed to by several of the Gunbloggers listed here.

From the Heartland - "Gunscribe" writes about RKBA and Nebraska-related topics.

Fun Turns to Tragedy - RKBA. Guns and other fun stuff.

Texican Tattler
- A group blog dedicated to "Redneck Rants from the Great State of Texas." Naturally, that includes gun rights.

Triggerfinger - RKBA issues in the media.

One in a Row - Phoenix Gunblogger who offers the same deal as The Smallest Minority does.

American Drumslinger - "Bullseye" posts about guns, scantily scad girls with guns, scantily clad girls, humorous graphics, drumming, NASCAR, and did I mention scantily clad girls?

ROFASix - Retired Army guy NOTR runs a conservative hybrid blog.

Snugg Harbor - Retired sailor Guy S. publishes a hybrid blog of conservative leanings. A non-gun owner himself, Guy wrote a great pro-RKBA article for the Carnival of Cordite.

Cinomed's Tower - " Rantings of a liberal - conservative, cynical - dreamer, pessimistic – optimist, Southpark Republican...."

Pajama Pundits - Hyrbid conservative group blog, hosted Carnival of Cordite #11.

Mostly Cajun - All American and Opinionated. Hybrid blog featuring great "war stories."

Libercontrarian - "Gun owner. Married. Ex-Navy. Suspicious of systems, bureaucracies of ANY organization, HR Departments, hippies, some drugs, most drivers, Italian Americans from Back East wearing silk and pinky rings, Patsy Schroeder, Diana DeGette, women in general (execpt my wife, God save me if she's reading this), insurance organizations, any business with more than 40 people in it, Mexico, pharmaceutical drugs, guns sold "New In Box," gun show "know-it-alls," John Kerry's apparent inability to tell the same lie the same way twice in one day, George Bush's incapacity to be anything other than earnest (like correct, well informed, or curious), any whiskey that is not made from a single barrel. And no, I don't trust the Libertarian Party either, as I suspect that it's been created by Republicans who like to smoke pot and by Democrats trying to convince borderline crazies to join their flock."

Libertopia - Robert Bell runs a libertarian hybrid blog.

Blogonomicon - Conservative hybrid blog with frequent RKBA content

The Freeholder - Virginia conservative hybrid blogger.

Boxing Alcibiades - Conservative, pro-RKBA hybrid blogger.

Mindless Bit Spew - Boomershooter Ry Jones' hybrid blog.

Middleclass Mom - Mom-blogger relatively new to shooting, but making up for it quickly!

Josh's Weblog - Poulson Family hybrid blog with pro-RKBA content.

Reactuate - Pro-RKBA hybrid blog.

45-Caliber Justice - Independent/Conservative hybrid blog.

The following blogs were not tracked by link popularity; I'll be putting it in alphabetical order shortly:

American Realpolitik - Brian Chapin and Greg Markle's conservative hybrid blog features RKBA and defense issues.

Anthroblogogy - "Partially-sprawling adventures of an anti-idiotarian functional-structuralist among the Gap-dressed, Prius-driving, Yurt-hut dwelling, pygmy-brained, lizadroid-Leftbat, Californoodlian Eco-Tofuistas."

Armed Liberal - The name says it all.

Backroad Blog - RKBA. Robert Douglas doesn't blog often...he's too busy building AKs most of the time. When he's finished, he posts pictures of the process.

Because I Say So - Conservative gun blog featuring politics, humor and culture topics.

Cam Edwards - Pro-RKBA radio personality blog.

Carnaby Fudge - Hybrid blog with plenty of gunly goodness.

Cogito Ergo Geek - Jerry the Geek blogs much IPSC/Practical pistol goodness!

Conservative Cat - "The fifth-best source of conservative political humor on the world wide web.
(No other site makes that claim.)"

Coyote at the Dog Show - "Mild-mannered archaeologist by day..." Anthony A. (Swen) Swenson writes a humorous hybrid Wyoming blog with plenty of gun content.

Crayton Cramer's Blog - Pro-RKBA writer on a lot of Gunbloggers' blogrolls.

Cryptic Subterranean - Jay is a UK gunblogger (they exist!) who describes himself as a "weapons loving wannabe writer obsessed with Ray Bradbury and Edgar Rice Burroughs."

Demographica - A group blog of conservatives and small "l" libertarian men and women.

DSS Hubris - DSS Hubris is a foreign policy and defense issues blog, focusing on the War on Terror and the National Security Strategy of the United States.

Enemy of the State - "Guns, Computers, Lisp, Math, and Mental Mayhem!"

Forever Vain - Kit (short for Kitiara, the Hot Libertarian Gun Chick) hosts a hybrid blog heavy on RKBA goodness. And yes, she's hot...and taken :(

Gandalf23 - Conservative hybrid blog with heavy RBKA flavor.

Gun Culture - English blog dealing with the shrinking rights of British subjects.

Helpful Tip of the Day - Semi-retired Texas pistolsmith Terry Jacobson offers advice and opinions on gun carry, care, and construction.

Individ - Pro-RKBA conservative individualist.

Iron Sight - Gun blog formerly known as "SKS Owners for Kerry." Don't let that scare you; there's some quality content there.

Irons in the Fire - Pro-RKBA hybrid blog.

It Comes in Pints? - Chatty conservative hybrid blog with pro-RKBA flavor.

Jeff Cooper's Commentaries - The title says it all.

LoboWalk - Welcome to Blogville - "My name is Daniel Medley and I'm just a guy from the sticks living in the city. I'm a hick, father, and husband and often times an arrogant bastard. When it comes to politics I toe no ideological or party line because my mind is my own."

Michelle Malkin - Blog on current issues by Conservative columnist.

Model 29 - Brand new blog already participating in the Carnival of Cordite.

Moral Flexibility - "The ramblings of a zombie-obsessed, scotch drinking, gun-toting resident of Toronto, Canada."

MrCompletely - A miscellaneous collection of shooting, fishing, ranting, whining, sniveling, and anything else I happen to get wound up over at the moment. Hopefully this will be more effective and cheaper than therapy. Excluding shooting and fishing, of course, as there is no finer therapy than that...

Neanderpundit - Pro-RKBA hybrid blogger, occasional host of postal matches.

Notes from the Bunker - "Commander Zero posts a chatty Live Journal hybrid blog; talks about his girl friend's guns. Why can't I meet girls like that? "Ode To My Glock:"

Plastic frame, metal slide
Great big mag where bullets hide
Evil folks we dont abide
Makes us keep it at our side.
Open Sites: Commentary on Carry Permit Issues by Joel Rosenburg.

Owen's Life - Includes firearms!

Parallax Adjustment - Guns and bicycles!

Parrothead Ramblings - Crime Dog is a "hard drinking Calypso blogger" from Phoenix. Lots of gunly goodness.

Pass the Ammo - Chad, Sean, and Krunk opine "on news, politics, gun rights, and anything else of interest."

PawPaw's House
- Tanker, Cop, and Grandfather "with stories to tell."

Pennsylvania: Hunt. Fish. Shoot. - Fuzzie does his best to make me move back to Pennsylvania.

Posse Incitatus - Conservative hybrid blogger.

Random Thoughts - "A forty-something who refuses to grow up," Al writes a hybrid blog with links to Milbloggers, Gunbloggers, and conservatives.

Ravenwood's Universe - RKBA and politics, host of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!

Samizdata - "The Samizdata people are a bunch of sinister and heavily armed globalist illuminati who seek to infect the entire world with the values of personal liberty and several property. Amongst our many crimes is a sense of humour and the intermittent use of British spelling. We are also a varied group made up of social individualists, libertarians, extropians, futurists, 'Porcupines', Karl Popper fetishists, recovering neo-conservatives, crazed Ayn Rand worshipers, over-caffeinated Virginia Postrel devotees, witty Frédéric Bastiat wannabes, cypherpunks, minarchists, kritarchists and wild-eyed anarcho-capitalists from Britain, North America, Australia and Europe."

Shakey Pete's Shootin' Shack - former guest blogger at Bad Example, Peter Davis now a blog of his own and it's starting out gunly!

Sleepless in Midland - George writes a hybrid blog about Midland, Texas, and all things Midland Texans are concerned and amused about.

Smoke My Gun - RKBA and the joys of gun ownership.

Stop the Bleating - Right-wing lawyer blogs on political topics and gun culture.

Sulfuric Attitude - Hybrid conservative blog with Firearms Fridays!

Sworn Enemy - Pro-RKBA, pro-Israel conservative blog.

T. F. Stern's Rantings - Hybrid blog by a retired Houston patrol officer.

Technogypsy - Christian hybrid blogger who Gun Blogs on Fridays; Kevin Menard was host to the Carnival of Cordite #5.

The Auto Prophet - Detroit Automotive Blogger who's lapsed into Gunblogging at least once. Hey...if you write for the Carnival of Cordite, you'll probably get mentioned here!

The Bastidge - Small "l" libertarian hybrid blog.

The Bitch Girls - "Where the Personal becomes the Political at our whim..." Group blog, pro-RKBA.

The Hess Report - Entertaining Daddy Blog that strays into serious subjects (like RKBA) occasionally.

The Kallini Brothers - Hybrid right-wing blog.

The Michael Bane Blog - Written by TV producer and author for the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

The Mile High View - Barry D. Jones writes a hybrid blog that's been around as long as the Saloon.

The War on Guns - New blog by David Codrea, Co-founder of GunTruths and Citizens of America. Commentary has been featured in GUNS AND AMMO, HANDGUNS and GUNS magazines, as well as numerous freedom-oriented internet sites.

Things You See at 4:00 a.m. - New hybrid blog featuring some RKBA issues.

Toys in the Attic - Pro-RKBA hybrid blogger.

Vengeful Zhid - "What do you get when you combine a conservative Jew with the anti-semitic, left wing San Francisco Bay Area?" The hots for Dianne Fienstein, obviously.

Void Where Prohibited - Conservative blogger with pre-RKBA chops.

Wadcutter - Excellent gunblogging on Thursdays.

Weaponry Online - New gunblog by a collector -- covers everything from .45s to water balloon launchers!

If you object to the description of your blog or find ones not listed, let me know at cowboyblob--at-yahoo---dot--com. Please report dead links or dead blogs.


  • At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you may have missed this one He is a shotgunner in Phoenix and has his kids out for a bit of shooting also (all day and a 1000 rounds or so). What is not to like there.


  • At 7:05 PM, Blogger Xrlq said…

    Two to add: and Spoons is pretty much a Second Amendment absolutist. I'm not, but I'm pretty close.

  • At 11:13 PM, Blogger Benjamin said…


    Thank you for the mention. It is especially appreciated as I probably wouldn't still be blogging if not for the assistance you gave me at the start.

    I've been infected with "ennui" so have not been checking a lot of blogs lately, so it is good to see you are back full force after the holiday assault you seem to have incurred.

    Take care.

    Thanks and regards,


  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger Cinomed Tweak said…

    Cinomed's Tower
    That's me, blog is still evolving, but I am a Bill of Rights advocate, with a special hatred for political correctness run amok.

    Sheepdog Blog
    A right of center 2A blogger, personal friend of mine and more active blogger than I. Here is his manifisto if you want a better feel,

    And I want to thank you for your round up, several links I gotta check out!

  • At 8:57 AM, Blogger Countertop said…

    Well, you could always add me -

    And while your at it, you should - if you haven't - put up links to the:
    Bitch Girls
    Les Jones
    Alpha Rubicon's LEO page (not really a blog, but still)
    Teddy Jacobson
    Chuck Hawks (again, not really a blog but just so good)

  • At 5:01 PM, Blogger bahiabob said…

    Say Pard.... Are you a SASS member? Sounds like it. If you are that's a really good thing. If you're not, you're missing out on a great Cowboy single action shootin' experience. Check them out on the web at Be sure to drop by my blog any ol' time for something interesting.
    Hasta La Vista, Mucacho. Via Con Dios.
    Holdem' Louie

  • At 8:36 AM, Blogger Kevin said…


    Excellent list! I have to modify my blogroll now to include all of these.

    And hey, we need to get together and go shooting one of these days.

  • At 6:58 PM, Blogger BULLSEYE said…

    To quote Benjamin, I too would like to say thanks for the plug. You said I should get a blogroll, I said "what's a blogroll"? OK, so I was totally clueless. Now I'm just sorta clueless.

    As for what Kevin said, my blogroll will also be updated to include all of these and hey who knows, maybe one day I can move out of South Florida and relocate somewhere up in the real US of A and we can go shooting.

    Finally to touch on Cinomed, I too am politically incorrect and proud of it. But I gotta go cause there are several links I gotta check out too.

    Yer pal,

  • At 11:24 PM, Blogger mike at SE said…

    Thanks for the mention!

  • At 8:55 PM, Blogger Chas S. Clifton said…

    Another blog you might list:
    Open Sites: Commentary on Carry Permit Issues by Joel Rosenburg:

    Chas S. Clifton

  • At 5:09 PM, Blogger FbL said…

    "The Gun Line"

    Wait 'til I get rolling...

  • At 12:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I can attest to being run by someone who knows his firearms...and his law! Two things vital to protecting the RKBA!

  • At 4:57 AM, Blogger Jay.Mac said…

    Thanks for the mention! There are not many pro-gun types in my neck of the woods- thanks to thirty years of terrorism guns are exceedingly hard to come by (unless you're a terrorist of course)- and so there's virtually no gun culture to speak of. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am a class-3 enthusiast and general gun nut. How about linking to my blog? It's at

  • At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have a blog about gun legislation and politics in NY.

  • At 5:47 PM, Blogger Eric Grumbles said…

    Hey Blob, thanks for the mention, I forgot to say that long ago and should have.

    By the way, my blog, Eric's Random Musings, moved to Eric's Grumbles Before The Grave. Still lots of RKBA stuff there.


  • At 4:13 PM, Blogger Fuzzie said…

    Thanks for the link...look for yours soon.

  • At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Appreciate the mention! Sometimes one wonders whether "they" fear blogs in the hands of citizens more than they do guns. Perhaps time to amend the US Constitution -"The right to write and maintain blogs shall not be infringed!"

    Ummm..I feel another blog entry coming on! :)


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