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Friday, May 27, 2005

Post Toasties

Since reading Huffington's Toast regularly since its launch, I never felt the urge to read the site it parodies, The Huffington Post. Well, I blundered into it today and was surprised to see that not every contributor is a shrill lefty moonbat railing against the McChimpsterHitlerburton Administration. At least, Danielle Crittendon isn't.

Still, I wouldn’t think this worldview could be quite SO simple as to equate the oppression of women who live under repressive and murderous regimes in the Islamic world with the condition of women in the United States. For HP bloggers and readers who have trouble telling the difference, I’ve prepared the following quiz:

1) Are you allowed to drive a car? Y/N
2) Must you be accompanied at all times in public by a male escort? Y/N
3) If you were to say "what the hell" and drive to the mall by yourself, would you be immediately surrounded by bat-wielding male police officers? Y/N
4) Could you be beaten for saying “what the hell”? Y/N

Go read the rest!


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