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Friday, April 29, 2005

Road Worrier

Thanks to the Blessed Goddess of Caffeine, I made the trip back in two days. The only traffic snarl was an accident in Fort Worth...surprise, surprise...and the only weather some rain in eastern TN and a dust storm at El Paso. Sweetwater TX claims the Bug Crown from Las Cruces for the return trip. The Bug Belt must be moving north.

I want to thank the people who thought of putting six-disc CD/MP3 players in vehicles; that was the only thing that made the trip bearable. That, and my Napster account and DSL connection back in Korea, but you didn't hear me say that. This morning I scanned through my collection and deleted those files with ear-shattering artifacts I hadn't encountered before...and some of the bootleg concert recordings that just plain sucked. Why did it take so long to find this stuff out? I do have a big CD collection, ya know (for you RIAA narks out there). I just didn't want to fiddle with the player after every so many hundred miles like I would with CDs.

How does one drive 1300 miles a day? It helps to have the luxury of traveling when you want to. Sleep in. Travel on weekdays. Drove through the night, stopping for a nap before morning rush hour (sleep through that). Sleep in your vehicle at a rest stop; my driver's seat reclines to a good angle and I brought coverings for all the windows to block out light (and allowed me to change into clean clothes). I had a case of bottled water, three bags of beef jerky and a can of Pringles. My only sit-down meal was at Subway in the evening, where I loaded up on Mountain Dew, ate the first sandwich half there and saved the other half for the next gas stop. All the above hinges on the fact that I'm an asocial hermit. Those of you with lives (and wives) have to tack on extra days for restaurant meals, shopping, sightseeing, sleeping in motels...all the normal human things.


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