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Saturday, October 16, 2004

A Vengeful Goddess

The only computer games that have ever really absorbed me are Civilization and Il-2 Sturmovik. Nematoddity at Tenebrous Necessity posted a story from Evergrey, who amuses herself with the Sims game.
I guess people actually play this game to make their little sims happy. I'll admit that i did that for awhile, but to be honest, it just got boring. So of course I reverted to my typical gaming pattern of torturing innocents to death. I start out by creating a random couple. I build them a littleroom, seen below, with a door. One they've both walked in to check their "home" out, I get rid of the door. As you can see, the room contains the following: a ghetto chair, a fireplace, a clown painting....

For the sake of all the people in her life, I hope this keeps her dark thoughts contained. Anyway, check out the screen shots!

h/t to Rocket Jones


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