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Friday, October 29, 2004

Carnival of Lights

Benjamin at Reasonablenut has a good link roundup of tactical lights and their uses. My first night gun was the G23 (center) with night sights. Okay for aiming in low-light conditions, but not so good for target identification. I eventually got a handheld Surefire (bottom) to complement it; it's an old model Glock frame with no accessory rail and there were no holsters on the market to accomodate an attached light anyway. The Fobus holster shown is what I use for competition and open carry.

I bought the G22 (top) to save wear and tear on my carry gun which I'd been shooting in IPSC. It had the old railless frame too until I slapped that on a Mektek carbine upper and bought a railed frame, intending to mount a light on it. While my best friend keeps a setup like this as his nightstand gun, I still keep the G23 and Surefire handy for that. My G22 project was inspired by the diabolical stage designers of last year's Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun Competition. One of the carbine courses included a wood frame house completely enclosed in black plastic. There was barely enough ambient light inside to see the targets...rushing in from the bright daylight outside? Forget it! I resolved to have some kind of light on each weapon in case they tried this next year. I sometimes pack the G22 openly in the new Fobus holster when I'm driving at night, keeping a conventional flashlight handy for non-Red Alert moments, because I can't dismount the M-3 while the gun is secured in the holster.

I took the little Surefire with me on my last tour to Korea (locking everything else up in the safe until my return). That's a handy thing to have. When you can't pack heat, pack light.



  • At 2:06 AM, Blogger Wendy said…

    I'm sitting here cracking up. Are you related to my hubs?

    First the attitude, then the ferrets (we have 2, Jinx and Jasper, down from 7 at one point. Yesterday it was Cowboy shoots..don't ask me what his is,I think it's a Ruger Vaquero but I'm not sure, and I'm to lazy to go look.

    Now the Glocks. Hubs used to carry a P226 until I bought a G19 (pre ban, 15 rounds) and he fell in love. He used it for an academy compitition and took Top Gun. When they let them go from a 9 to a 40 he started carrying a G22 as his duty gun.

    I've literally put thousands of rounds thru my G19 and have never once had a jam, that puppy is was accurate as all hell right out of the box. The only thing I ever added to it was a Hogue gripped which slipped over the stock grip, just felt a little more secure in my hand.

    I think you have a long lost relative in Iowa.


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